Massage Tables

Looking to buy a professional massage treatment table for your practice? We at KOR Innovations realize there are many varieties of Massage techniques that require specialty tables. Although we have in the past designed many different versions of our EURO LIFT series tables, we encourage you to challenge us to design your very own Massage Table.

Our massage tables are designed and constructed using modern engineering techniques and manufactured from the finest materials to the highest standards. These electric lift tables are designed to be very durable and are also very easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they offer years of reliable use.

Euro Lift 2005LT

This is the deluxe treatment table, offering extreme range and adjustments.

Available in either a motorized lumbar traction section or manual version.


Width: 26″ / 660mm (other widths available)
Length: 76″ / 1930mm
Height Range: 18″ – 37″ / 460mm – 940mm

Accessories Shown

•    Surround Switch
•    Castor System
•    3″ foam
•    Dual Level Headrest

Options Available

  • Request an option


If you are tired of cheap tables that manufacturers throw together to sell to a growing massage market then
you have come to the right place.

Our tables look and feel different because they are different. They will stand the test of time and any abuse you think you or your clients can throw at them.


Width: 28″ / 710mm (other widths available)
Length:  72″ / 1830mm
Height Range:  18″ – 37″  /460mm – 940mm

Accessories Shown

•    Dual Adjustable Massage Headrest
•    Surround Switch
•    3″ Foam

Options Available

•    Second Foot Peddle
•    Surround Switch
•    Castors (wheels)
•    Extension Bar