Pet Grooming Tables

KOR Innovations Inc. is proud to announce that we have expanded our product line of high quality therapy tables for many health care practitioners to a unique Pet Grooming Table that will take a load off your back.

An excellent addition to any pet grooming business the Harvey Lift can accommodate any large or elderly dog that would have to be lifted on or off your grooming table under normal conditions.

A precise and quiet electronic motor makes for smooth hands free height adjustment. The lockable wheels allow you to transfer your client to and from the tub with ease. The top can be ordered in many different colours and is removable for cleaning.

Groomer or Rehab Lift Table

No more lifting your favorite fido up onto the exam table. Our lift tables are designed with both the practitioner and the client in mind.

Save your back and make it easier for those pets with less agility for getting up on the high tables.

Linak motor for this table is Battery driven which is ideal for moving it between rooms.

Also the foot control peddle is attached to the frame to keep it out of the way until you need it.

You can lock the wheels to keep the table in place when you need, and unlock them to move it out of the way or into another room.

Ultra smooth and ultra quiet lift for even the more nervous dogs.


Width: 24″  / 600mm (other widths available)

Length: 45″ / 1150mm

Height Range: 12″ – 43″  / 300mm – 1100mm

Note: Optional second colour of vinyl that will slide over your table top. Making it easier to groom both light and dark coloured dogs with two different vinyl tops.

Options Available

  • Stainless Steel Top
  • Vinyl Covered Top
  • 2nd Vinyl Cover (easily slides over your table top)
  • Top configuration can be customized